Hand and Nail Care FAQS

What makes Trind unique?

Trind’s unique formulation strengthens the connection between the protein molecules, without altering the balance of the essential moisturizers. The nail becomes strong, flexible and supple because you have that perfect balance between strength and moisture. Activated by moisture, Trind’s formulation prevents further drying of the nail.

How long will a Moist & Shiny Kit last?

A Trind Moist & Shiny Kit should last approximately 4 months. After that, weekly maintenance requires a small amount.

I used the Moisturizing Nail Balsam and then the Nail Repair. Why did it peel off the next day?

Trind ingredients are pharmaceutical grade and of the highest quality (only nail product in the world to hold pharmaceutical registration in Switzerland). Trind products work synergistically, one boosting the performance of the other. If Nail Repair peels, either the nail was not completely dry after application of Nail Balsam, or the manicure was contaminated by oil or cream from your hands. Allow Moisturizing Nail Balsam to soak in and dry completely on its own, or remove excess with lint-free gauze. In either case, please be certain that the nail is dry.

What is the advantage of using a glass file?

The Trind Professional Glass Nail File is patented and made of durable, almost unbreakable glass; it will last a lifetime. It creates a fine free edge, and does not cause splintering. It is especially suited for frail nails.

How does water affect nails?

Repeated wetting and drying of nails causes them to expand and contract repeatedly. This creates a stress on the nail plate, and each time the nail is subjected to stress, it becomes weaker. Weak nails eventually crack. It’s best to limit the amount of time hands are in water, dry them thoroughly, and apply Trind Moisturizing Nail Balsam and Trind’s legendary Hand Repair as needed.


How do you keep cuticles from drying out during the winter?

Frequent use of Trind Cuticle Repair Balsam eliminates dry, hard cuticles or hangnails. Trind’s revolutionary Duo-Liposomes infuse precious ingredients into the cuticles making them soft and smooth.

How much moisture should a nail have?

The nail consists of three layers of protein molecules separated by layers of natural moisturizers; the perfect balance is 82% protein molecules and 18% natural nail fluid. This fluid acts as glue for the protein, and as a moisturizer, to keep the nail supple. When the moisture dips below the 18% level, nails split, peel and crack. For more information and product comparisons, see The Science behind Trind.

How can I tell if my nails are dehydrated?

Nails that split, peel and crack are usually the result of dehydrated nail plates. When moisture dips below 18% nails become brittle. Use the Trind Nail-Magic buffing process to stimulate production of natural nail fluid and “top up” the moisture level with Trind oil-free Moisturizing Nail Balsam.

For nails that break – how can I tell whether they need strength or moisture?

Weak, flimsy nails lacking in protein will tear and leave a rough edge. While a brittle nail that is lacking moisture will snap on impact and leave a smooth edge. See the Trind Solution Finder to find out which product will work best to help you regain strong, natural nails.

What causes nails to yellow?

There are probably a multitude of heath issues that might cause discoloration of the nails. Traditional nail hardeners tend to dehydrate the nails and cause yellowing. A nail with 18% moisture and 82% protein has a clean, natural, and healthy appearance. The nail beds are pink, the tips are white, and there is a slight sheen to the bare nails.

I was using a product that made my nails hard and long, but after about 9 months they started breaking. What happened?

Traditional nail hardeners bond the protein together, leaving no space for the nail’s natural fluid. They harden the nail, but they also make it brittle. They can be damaging when used on dehydrated nails, because they simply dry the nail further. This explains why some products work well for a while and then suddenly seem to lose their effectiveness. Trind is scientifically formulated to work with your nail’s natural fluids, for long-lasting results.


I have recently removed artificial nails, will Trind help?

Our experience has been that Trind works for everyone, the variable is how long it takes. The degree of damage to the nails determines the length of time it will take for Trind to work its magic. To grow long, strong and beautiful nails, follow directions below for the Nail Recovery Boot Camp.

I’ve tried every product without sustainable results, what is so different about Trind?

Trind provides a uniquely formulated and synergistic system of products that stimulate growth and optimize moisture. Thousands of woman across the globe have found their solution in Trind. You will too — we guarantee it!

I’m a spa owner interested in carrying Trind. What’s involved?

If you’re a Spa owner interested in carrying Trind Hand & Nail Care, please click here to email us your details. We’ll be in touch.