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Trind Nail-Magic Buffer

Trind Nail-Magic Buffer

Your fingernail's natural fluid is essential for healthy growth. Trind Nail-Magic is the perfect nail buffer to activate the production of these natural moisturizers.

Smooth shiny nails

Buff your nails in three easy steps using Nail-Magic:
  • using the black section you gently remove the top layer of the fingernail
  • buff with the white section to promote the production of natural nail moisture
  • flip Nail-Magic over and use the grey section to evenly distribute nail moisture
Trind Nail-Magic also removes fine ridges and imperfections from the nail leaving you with smooth shiny nails.
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Customer Testimonials:

“I am so impressed with Trind products! I ordered the Flex-File, Nail-Magic, and Nail Brightener. After filing and buffing my nails, they looked amazingly shiny. I achieved professional results in the comfort of my home. I then applied just one coat of nail brightener and was thrilled with the results. My imperfections were diminished and it appears as if I have had a French Manicure! Thank you so much for such wonderful products.”

Anita Charters
British Columbia

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