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Trind Nail Repair Natural

Trind Nail Repair Natural

Trind Nail Repair is an incredibly effective nail strengthener that will not yellow or dehydrate your nails. Its unique formula reinforces the connection between the protein molecules in your fingernails to make them strong and flexible. Restore your weak and damaged nails to their natural beauty using Trind Nail Repair Natural.

Trind Nail Repair Natural has a glossy finish but it is also available in a matte finish and in several different colours.

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Directions For Use

Download our Trind Products Manual for more information and directions on how to use this product.

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Trind Moist & Shiny Kit

Includes Nail Repair Natural, Trind Moisturizing Nail Balsam, Trind Nail-Magic Buffer.

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In 2004, Nail Repair was awarded Les Victoires de la Beauté for the Best Nail Treatment in France. In 2009 Nail Repair was awarded the Best of Beauty Buy 2009 by Fairlady.

Customer Testimonials

“My nails were dry, ridged, and splitting. Trind saved them almost overnight! Trind Nail Balsam is fabulous and restored moisture instantly! Trind Nail Repair stays on keeping my nails strong yet flexible. During the 14-Day Nail Challenge, I actually looked forward to my “treatment” because of the amazing results I was seeing.”

Leesa Butler
Toronto, Ontario

“Just so you know, Trind Nail Repair doubles as an amazing base coat. I already put this on, and on a whim decided to follow with a dark polish — it stayed on without chipping for 5 days! For that alone, this nail repair gets a gold star from me. Plus, isn't it great to know that you can put on a base coat that actually helps repair your nails?”

Canadian Beauty

“I have been using Trind Nail Repair for about 2 months. My nails were in terrible condition. Since following the Trind method my nails look great! I've used many different nail strengtheners only to end up with nails that were dried out, peeling, not growing, and yellow. My only hope was to wear gloves. I am so glad I found Trind. I've ordered other Trind products to get my nails in even better condition. Now my mother wants to try Trind also.”

Sandy Wesner

I have used the Trind Nail Repair for the two weeks and am absolutely thrilled with the results. My nails look fabulous.


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