Trind Solution Finder – which product is right for you?

Weak, flimsy and soft nails Trind Nail-Magic — to activate the production of natural moisturizers
Trind Moisturizing Nail Balsam — the perfect moisturizer to restore natural fluids
Trind Nail Repair in gloss, matte, pastels, or pearls — an incredibly effective nail strengthener that will make your nails strong and flexible

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Brittle, rigid nails that split and crack
Peeling nails that won’t hold nail polish
Ridges in your nails Trind Nail-Magic — to activate the production of natural moisturizers and equalize ridges
Over-grown cuticles Trind Extra Mild Cuticle Remover — to gently soften your cuticles
Trind splinter-free Manicure Sticks — sanded by hand to prevent splintering
Ragged, dry, or peeling cuticles; ‘hangnails’ Trind Cuticle Repair Balsam — moisturizes and repairs dry, ragged cuticles. Nourishes the nail matrix, where your new nail is being built to support the growth of stronger, healthier nails
Weak, thin and sensitive nails damaged by acrylic nails or other types of artificial nails that have recently been removed

The proven solution for recovery from nail damage caused by artificial nail enhancements

The Nail Recovery Boot Camp outlines an easy-to-follow process for growing strong, flexible, beautiful natural nails of your own – even if you’ve never had them before!

Soft nails that tear when filing Trind Professional Glass Nail File — a fine, professional instrument of the highest quality to create fine edges and prevent tearing.
Weak nails that need strengthening, but you desire or require a matte look Trind Nail Repair Matte — to make your nails strong and flexible
Dry or “tired-looking” hands Trind Hand Repair
You love the look of a French manicure, but don’t have the time to do one Trind Nail Brightener — the 30-second French manicure
Dull, dry hands; a decrease in elasticity

Trind Hand Repair — stimulates the production of new skin cells of a better texture to maintain natural moisture longer when exposed to sun and water