Customer Testimonials

“All my life I have never been able to grow my nails. I’ve tried every product under the sun and never succeeded. Trind truly is amazing... I actually have long nails for the first time in my life! No more acrylic for me!”

Tara Spencer-Nairn
Corner Gas

“I wanted to let you know how much I love your product. I have tried everything for years and nothing stopped the peeling or breaking. My nails are awesome and healthy! I love your product it is soooo worth it. It is so nice to have a product that actually does what it says! Kudos!”

J. Flynn

“I started my Mom on Trind products a few years ago. On and off she has ventured away from Trind while trying other new products. She always comes back to Trind. She just called and asked me to send her a new supply of Trind and I asked her why she was going back to Trind. She said "because every time I try something new my nails go back to flaking and peeling". So Trind it is and she is now headed back to healthy nails again.”

S. Leroy
Santa Barbara, California

“I have never been able to grow my nails past the tips of my fingers. Either they would break, peel, or snag and tear off. Now that I use the Trind system I don’t suffer from peeling nails or anywhere near as many breaks as before. I’m very active, use my hands a lot, and my nails look amazing! They are flexible yet resilient and are a lot healthier than they’ve ever been.”

Lisa Thompson
Toronto, Ontario
Posted on Essential Day Spa web forum.

“Just wanted to let you know I absolutely love the Nail Balsam product I recently ordered. Who knew a cuticle product could be non oily but still work! I love it so much thank you for such a wonderful product!! And what a nice surprise to find such an informative little leaflet of all your other products. I have already found 2 more things I will be ordering. Thank you !”

P. Ashton

“I tried your 14 days challenge and your product lives up to your advertisement. Until 5 years ago, I always had strong nails; however, the last few years, they have been brittle, and with ridges that crack. I have still having a problem with one nail but it seems to be improving, the others are strong and have not split. After the 14 days, I ordered the cuticle balsam and cuticle remover. Your products are wonderful and I am recommending them to all my friends! I am so happy I decided to try Trind. Thank you.”

T. Frasier
Twin Falls, Idaho

“I took off artificial nails less than three months ago. In the past, this would mean that my nails were weak and tore constantly - so I would always eventually end up re-applying artificial nails. I used the Trind products as directed and my nails are unbelievably strong and beautiful! I'm delighted!”

C. Friend
Chattanooga, Tennessee

“I had gel nails for years, but after I took the gel nails off, My nails were thin, cracked, and broken. I tried everything. I mean everything that said will make my nails strong and not crack. Nothing worked. I saw your ad in the newspaper. I told myself I will try this one more time. I ordered Trind nail repair. After 1 month my nails were healed. After using the nail balm and nail repair for 2 months, I have long, strong and beautiful nails. I have to cut them because they get so long. I have told everyone I know about Trind. It's by far the best nail product Ever. Thank You. I still use your products.”

L. Guscott
Sandpoint, Idaho.

“Due to your products (which a friend introduced me to) I have had long hard nails after 40+ years of trying just about every product on the market. I can grow longer nails that are sturdy and yet do not snap off with the slightest blow. I feel proud of my hands and am not reluctant to show them.”

M. Graham
Port Ludlow, Washington

“Late last summer a friend and I travelled to Rome and then on to Florence to attend a cooking class. What a fabulous time!! While in Rome we stopped at a shop (I cannot remember the name although it is reminiscent of a Sephorra Store). The saleswoman had the most fabulous nails – and they were her own! Of course I had to ask how she managed it and she told me that she uses Trind Nail Repair. I bought some and cannot believe the results. I’m 53 years old and nothing has ever made my nails grow like this product. My nails used to split – not anymore. I have actually had to file them down they grow so long. This is one of the best products I have ever used.”

C. Ternowski
Edmonton, Alberta

“I have used Trind Nail Repair for over 6 years and will never change. It’s fabulous! No more splitting, broken nails. My hands look great! I even turned many of my co-workers and relatives on to it and they love it also. It’s a wonderful product that I cherish.”

Marcia C.
Rochester, Minnesota

“I wanted to write to you to let you know how much I love your product Trind. I have been using it for 1.5 years now and it has transformed my nails. My nails used to be split, weak, brittle and never grow. Now they are long and strong and for the first time I have to file them down for being too long!! Because of this transformation, I have started a blog on nail polish to show off how proud I am of my nails now. I wish I knew about this product years ago. I also tell anyone I can to buy Trind in Canada and the USA. I will never go without Trind and never use anything else!”

J. Hopsicker

“I purchased Trind at a women’s show in Toronto, Ont. Before that, I could grow my nails but at a certain length, they would rip off. With Trind, I felt the confidence to use pretty nail polishes that I so wanted to use before. Thank you.”

Loraine Horvath

“I just wanted to tell you how truly pleased I am with your products. I really had no idea there was a product on the market that could make my nails look so beautiful. If you remember my first testimonial, my nails were horrible from removing the accrylics I thought nothing could fix them, boy was I wrong. I am still using the original products I purchased in the Rejuvination Kit and I also purchased the Nail Brightner because I like the look of the French Manicure. I do them about every 1 1/2 weeks to 2 weeks and it takes me about 10-15 minutes for these beautiful nails much less time than I used to sit in the nail salon, I get a lot of compliments on my nails. It has been about three months since I placed my first order, if you stick with it, you to can have beautiful nails and your products last a long time. I will reorder from you as soon as I need more. Thanks again.”

Donna J.

“Can't tell you enough good things about your products. They saved my nails! They look wonderful and my hands look pretty again. I have been telling everyone about Trind!!!”

Leslie W.

“Hello. 3 of us had our accrylic nails removed at the same time. Mine being the worst, at the salon they started by soaking them for 10 minutes then pulled them off by sliding a nail tip between my nail & the accrylic. So my nails were very sore, thin & sensitive to the touch. With the help & guidance from those @ I used just the nail balsm for 2 weeks and I started with the rest for 14 days. I am the only 1 of the 3 of us that is using trind. My nails are much whiter and brighter than the other 2 and stronger and prettier than I could have ever hoped for. Thank You Trind!”

Donna J.

“The saying usually goes, “If it’s too good to be true, it probably isn’t”. Well, in this case it is true! This is the most amazing nail product I’ve ever used. Due to being blessed with the thinnest nails ever, I have worn gel nails for the past 13 years. I was sick of the whole process and decided to go au naturelle. A month into the process I saw an ad for Trind, and the rest is history. I now have incredibly beautiful, strong, healthy nails that never break! I’m a walking, talking testimonial to anyone who will listen. Kudos to Trind!”

Marleen Maltby

“Hi. I saw your ad in parade magazine and I, too was skeptical, but your product has a money back guarantee, so I thought what the heck. I can't put into words how happy I am with the results of consistently using your product. I had tried acrylic nails but didn't like them and they were expensive not to mention I don't think that solution is healthy. I have tried other products I liked but those products do not compare with Trind. I'll never use anything else. Initially I thought your product was a little pricey but when you factor in that the products are probably less than a manicure, it is worth it! It lasts a long, long time. I also want to mention I often do gardening that is hard on your hands (planting,weeding, digging, etc.) and I do all my own housework. I highly recommend your product! Just try it, you'll love it too!”

Kristen Larsen

“This is my second order and I would recommend this product to anyone. I have never been able to grow out my nails. They were very soft, brittle, weak and would split and tear very easy. After using Trind nail repair my nails grow very fast, and are thick and strong, as they have never been.”


“Six and a half years ago I was treated for cancer with chemotherapy and radiation. I must also take medication that prevents my body from making estrogen. My nails became a serious problem. They tore and peeled constantly. Last winter they were so bad that several times they tore from the sides down into the quick. It was painful and discouraging. Although I tend to be skeptical about new products I started using Trind and was extremely impressed with the result. My nails are healthy and comfortable now. I actually have to keep them from getting too long! Thanks for bringing Trind to Canada!”

Sallie Mark
Toronto, Ontario

“If your nails are looking less than perfect after a month of wearing super dark polish, fear not. We tested Trind Nail Brightener from the Netherlands and found it lives up to the hype. Touted as a quickie French manicure, the nail brightener goes on like a clear polish, only it has a subtle lavender hue. Working like a black light, it creates a whitening glow and a super high-finish shine. Now that was thirty seconds well spent.”

vitamin v

“Since bringing Trind into our spa, I’ve used it on all of my clients with problem nails. Without exception everyone is thrilled with the results — no more peeling or splitting and they’ve been able to grow their nails like never before.”

Kirsty Hayward
Esthetician, Verity Spa, Toronto

They say that this product is a manicure in a bottle and it's true! The whites look whiter and the pinks look nice and clean. If you're taking a break from all that dark polish, pick up a bottle of Trind Nail Brightener. I am loving this stuff so much that wearing other nail polish is on hold for a little while. This product is a Canadian Beauty must-have.

Canadian Beauty

“I would recommend Trind to anyone; it is absolutely wonderful. I have always had split and brittle nails and they have always broken until I started to use Trind, followed the instructions carefully and within ten days my nails are now wonderful. My manicurist can't believe it. I am a pensioner and my nails are really wonderful for the first time in my life only after using Trind.”

P. Grayson

“Because my business is PR, I am in the public eye constantly and so are my nails. Since using Trind my nails have become stronger and are not peeling and splitting as they did in the past. Thank you for introducing Trind to me Robin — it truly is a product that works in a natural and healthy way!”

Joyce Hansen
Port Credit, Ontario

“My nails were thin and splitting constantly; I also had a lot of hang nails. After using Trind for just a few weeks, my cuticles are much better and my nails are growing! They are white, healthy and look great!”

Deborah Williams
Toronto, Ontario

“You like the look of a professional mani, but dishing out the cash for one every few weeks really hurts the wallet. So indulge in our dirty little secret: Dutch-imported Trind, a premium line of nail care that targets every nail condition from weakness to dryness. Trind recently introduced a new line of products just for us girls, and it even includes an anti-bite repair formulated for teens that helps eliminate biting and provides strength to grow beautiful, healthy nails.


“I started using Trind Moisturizing Nail Balsam and Nail Repair a couple of weeks ago, and have already seen a huge difference in my nails — they were incredibly short and still are, but no more peeling. I’ve been waiting almost 50 years for this moment!!! Anyway, I can tell that I’ll need to keep a good supply of the Hand Repair lotion handy — it’s the best I’ve ever used! Thanks!!!”

Diane Jordan
New York

“I am a Registered Nurse and I don't have to tell you how often I wash my hands. My nails were thin, dried out and would peel, and break continually. I tried almost every nail hardening product on the market without any success. Then I found and tried Trind and Voila! I actually have fabulous nails! They are smooth and so strong they hold up after days working in a busy hospital and countless hand washings with harsh soaps. Thank you Trind!!!”

Kathy Zuckerman, R.N.
Montreal, Quebec

“I have been using Trind for 4 months and I am sold on the product because my nails have never looked better. They are healthy and strong and unbreakable! I am saving time and $$$ every week because I am no longer going to the nail salon for gel treatments; I love feeling great about my natural nails. Thank you Trind!!”

Karen King
Port Credit

“Sorry to have to tell you this but Trind really, really works. I just finished using it for two weeks, the first two days I did have two nails tear. Since then they are growing and are strong and flexible. I look at my longest nail all the time to make sure it is still there, I am amazed at the results. Gardening did not even damage my nails. Looking forward to the months ahead!”

Julie Bailey
Belleville, Ontario

“I wanted to let you know that Trind is wonderful! I actually have strong nails. It also lasts — I've not even used a quarter of the bottles after doing the 14-Day Challenge. I will certainly re-order when I need to. Thanks for finding this amazing product!”

Liz Reynolds
Toronto, Ontario

“Trind Nail Brightener gives your nails that fresh and natural ‘French look’ and camouflages minor imperfections in the appearance of your nail with just one coat… We love it!”

Elle Canada

“I have natural nails that I considered to be healthy and in good condition — then I tried Trind. In just 5 days I was astonished at the improved strength of my nails and the transformation of my (previously) dry cuticles. Wow. I am impressed! Trind truly delivers on its promise; I'm so glad that I found it during my visit to Toronto.”

Peg Ostby

“Fine, brittle nails that lack natural shine…yup, we had those! (we divine girls sure do type a lot, after all). But just two weeks after the Trind Moist & Shiny Kit arrived at our headquarters, and we started using the amazingly potent Moisturizing Nail Balsam and Nail Repair Gloss Strengthener, our nails were miraculously transformed to long, strong and flawless.

I love Trind! My nails were awful and very dry and had been that way for quite a while. I took the 14-Day Challenge and I now have incredible nails. Since the challenge, I only use the products once a week and my nails are staying beautiful. I recommend these products to eveyone.”

Danielle St-Jean
Ottawa, Ontario

“My nails are doing better for sure. For the first time in years I actually needed to file them because they were too long instead of because they were torn and tattered. Amazing!

Christine Dutka
Toronto, Ontario

“If your nails are so frail you want to sit on your hands to hide them, try Trind Nail Brightener. This new product line from Amsterdam leaves your nails strong, white, shiny, and healthy. The cast of Desperate Housewives use it and look at the work out those actresses give their nails. There are 13 products in the range to give you the perfect 10.”

“I had a closet full of barely-used nail products that didn’t work... until Trind crossed my path. WOW! What a great surprise, and relief. I can stop scouring the cosmetic shelves to find a better nail product. My strong, healthy nails speak for themselves! It was liberating to toss out the baskets of barely used nail products and replace them with the effective, easy-to-use Trind system!”

Shelley Aubry
Kitchener, Ontario

“I love the Hand Repair cream, it's an excellent moisturizer and just a little goes a long way. There's a scientific reason why the cream works so well, since both the cream and the Cuticle Balsam have DUO-Liposome technology that help to beautify and protect the skin. However, I'm no scientist but what I know is I love the way it feels on my skin.”

Juicy Stuff

“My nails used to be a disaster zone – splitting, peeling and tearing! In just a couple of weeks they were strong and flexible. I love my Trind products and am spreading the word. All women need to know that, with Trind, they can have beautiful nails, even if they’ve never had them before.”

Judy Dahm
Toronto, Ontario

“I have always had weak, thin nails that would not grow — in spite of trying a wide variety of products. Then I found Trind. There was a noticeable difference in my nails within the first few days. After two weeks, I was amazed at their strength and flexibility. Now, I have strong, fabulous looking nails. Thank you Trind!”

Karen Kelar
Toronto, Ontario

“Trind is ideal for the winter months as it helps with dry, peeling nails and cuticles and dull, dry or ‘tired-looking’ hands. Plus, Jennifer Love Hewitt and the cast of Desperate Housewives are fans.

Weekly Couture

“My nails were dry, ridged, and splitting. Trind saved them almost overnight! Trind Nail Balsam is fabulous and restored moisture instantly! Trind Nail Repair stays on keeping my nails strong yet flexible. During the 14-Day Nail Challenge, I actually looked forward to my “treatment” because of the amazing results I was seeing! I’m so thrilled! Trind will be a permanent fixture in my life.”

Leesa Butler
Toronto, Ontario

“Over the years I’ve tried at least 8 different products to help my thin and peeling nails. None of them worked. I’d given up hope. Then I discovered Trind. In an unbelievably short period of time, Trind changed the whole look and feel of my nails. They are stronger, no longer peeling, and look amazing! Trind has been a lifesaver – I’m thrilled that I found it!”

Lori Radke
Toronto, Ontario

“My nails were soft and short (no visible whites) and my cuticles were a mess. After using Trind for just a few days, I noticed an immediate difference in my nails. Within 2 weeks they were longer and stronger than I ever dreamed possible! My cuticles became soft and smooth!”

Rachel Rosbrook
Oakville, Ontario

“The results of my Trind 14 day Challenge are in and I won! What I liked is the products are easy to use and from what I found all the products really do what they say they will. My nails are strong but still flexible, my cuticles are in much better shape and the skin around my nails is smooth.”

Juicy Stuff

“I’ve always been embarrassed by my nails, nothing seemed to work so I’d resorted to hiding them away. Now I flash my nails every chance I get thanks to Trind. And it was so easy, just like they said, 2 steps for 2 weeks. Now my nails are not only beautiful and healthy, they actually look younger! All my girlfriends are getting Trind kits for their birthday this year.”

Heather Albrecht
Kitchener, Ontario

“All I can say is Wow! For the last 8 years my nails have been splitting and peeling no matter what I did. My cuticles were also extremely dry and cracking. Even weekly manicures didn’t seem to help. Then I discovered Trind. After just 2 weeks I noticed a significant improvement. Now after 5 weeks of use, my nails and cuticles are perfect! Thank you Trind!”

Maxine Warsh
Toronto, Ontario

I am so impressed with Trind products! I ordered the flex-file, nail magic, and nail brightener. After filing and buffing my nails, they looked amazingly shiny. I achieved professional results in the comfort of my home. I then applied just one coat of nail brightener and was thrilled with the results. My imperfections were diminished and it appears as if I have had a French Manicure! Thank you so much for such wonderful products.”

Anita Charters
British Columbia

“I was always able to grow my nails, but they would snap off easily whenever I was active. In frustration I turned to artificial nails, which only made matters worse. I used Trind to kick the habit — it took time but was worth it! My nails are strong and flexible. Now when I make a move that would normally cause a break, my nails prevail!”

Lisa Dagg
Toronto, Ontario

“For the past 15 years I have been unable to grow my nails. They were brittle, dry and my cuticles were a mess. I read about Trind in an online newsletter and immediately placed an order for the Moist & Shiny Kit. The products are amazing!! Within 10 days my nails were stronger, longer and the best they've looked in years. I highly recommend this product!”

Tara Deakin
Toronto, Ontario

“I am extremely pleased with the results of the nail repair system in just 3 weeks. My nails had been so weak they would bend backwards, peel & split. Nothing I previously tried has given the results that Trind has and I thank you for that!”

Donna Harling
Kelowna, British Columbia

“I have been using Trind Nail Repair for about 2 months. My nails were in terrible condition. Since following the Trind method my nails look great! I've used many different nail strengtheners only to end up with nails that were dried out, peeling, not growing, and yellow. My only hope was to wear gloves. I am so glad I found Trind. I've ordered other Trind products to get my nails in even better condition. Now my mother wants to try Trind also.”

Sandy Wesner

“I ordered the Trind Moist & Shiny Kit after reading all the testimonials. I found it hard to believe that a product could give me such great results without drying out my nails as other products I've used have. I did the 14-day challenge and the results amazed me. My nails grew quickly and no longer broke in the middle of my nail bed. I've now been using the Trind system since November and my nails just get better with each week. I've also ordered the nail brightener which made my nails look amazing!!”

Lisa D.
Vancouver, British Columbia

My nails were so bad I thought “what the heck” I’ve tried everything else so why not. I’m serious I am not a youngster. Lets say over 50 so I really am not kidding! Wow your products do exactly what you say they will and then some! It’s only been one week. I now have nails I’m proud of. I no longer have to hide my hands. Your delivery time was also awesome! Thank you so very much.

Lucy C.
Winnipeg, Manitoba

I am a 55-year-old lady beset by a host of autoimmune disorders for which I daily take a minimum of 7-10 different medications. Compounding the dismal, paper-thin condition of my natural nails prior to using TRIND products, was the fact that I'd used gels and acrylic enhancements in excess of 10 years.

I started the TRIND regime (nail boot camp, I believe it was called) in March of this year, and to my utter astonishment, my nails and cuticles were beautiful, strong, flexible and much-complimented and commented upon by JUNE!

Without exaggeration, my nails now appear as though I am still using artificial enhancements, owing to their length, strength and great beauty! The results I achieved using TRIND nail products far outstripped my expectations when I initially started the program, and I continue to see ongoing greater nail health and beautiful cuticles with TRIND.

Morghanna M.
London, Ontario

I have used Trind products for several weeks and already see a vast improvement. My cuticles have always been so ragged, and my nails grow but then just snap off. But since using the Trind products, they look so healthy and my nails are long and strong. Thanks Trind!!!

Glenda Smalley

I have been a flight attendant for 40 years and my fingernails always took a beating. Metal edges are on everything in an airplane so that is hard on one's hands, but Trind has somehow made my fingernails harder and stronger. They now look better than ever — even better than with artificial nails. I am sold on Trind. Thank you.

Diane Murdock

Believe me when I tell you – I LOVE YOUR PRODUCT!!!!

Jasmine Baker

I do love your products a great deal – I’m sure you’ve heard this hundreds of times. I think the Cuticle Repair Balsam is amazing! Now, finally, my nails are strong and healthy! I no longer have to worry about chipped, cracked or peeling unsightly nails! At long last, I can be proud of my lovely nails!

Nancy Webster

I tried Trind as a rather last resort after trying several more expensive and much less successful products. I find the Trind system very easy to use, rapid in its time to much improved nails, and fast to use on a daily basis. Most importantly the nails I present each day are stronger, longer, and much brighter even with almost daily swimming in chlorine. The swimmers of the world will truly find this system helpful and simple. Not expensive to boot! I recommend a try of at least two weeks for the full effect but I noticed significant improvement in three days. I rarely use nail polish as it has always been brutal on my nails but now it is truly possible to dress up and enjoy a favorite colour from time to time without destroying my nails!!! Very nice and fun to do. You may think this is high praise for a nail product but when you have tried many and had less success, it is wonderful to recommend it to others.

Barbara Fanning
Oakville, ON

I bought the Trind Moist & Shiny Kit, but I will say, in the beginning I was skeptical that anything could help my awful nails. I had one very bad nail; the index finger nail had a vertical tear which extended below the quick. Several manicurists had told me that there was nothing that could cure the tear in my nail and I would just have to live with the problem. Time and time again I was told the best that could be done was to cut the nail very, very short so that it would not catch on things. Unfortunately I did not take a picture of this nail before I started the Trind program because, here I am four weeks later and you would not believe that it is the same pair of hands. The improvement is absolutely remarkable. This impossible nail now has no sign of the tear that I have lived with for over three years. Every chance I get I tell my friends of this remarkable product line. Finally a product that lives up to what it professes. I am only sorry that I did not discover Trind years ago. I will continue to spread the good advice.

Sheryn Beattie
Midhurst, ON

Please add me to your list of satisfied customers. I have never been able to grow my nails at all, let alone long ones, because they always peel. Your product has stopped that peeling dead in its tracks and made my nails long and lovely. My manicurist has even commented on my nails, and has to file them down every time I see her (about every 2-3 weeks). I have already ordered several of your products and will continue to order more.


I have used the Trind Nail Repair for the two weeks and am absolutely thrilled with the results. My nails look fabulous and I am so thrilled.


I have been using the Trind for almost four weeks now and I can't believe how well my nails are growing out. I sent the other kit to my step-daughter who is getting married in June so that she can grow her nails (she used to bite them) longer so she can have elegant hands for her wedding.


I am a nurse and I have had problems with very dry hands for years due to all the hand washing. I've tried just about everything on the market, including very expensive glycolic acid creams. Nothing worked. My hands have always looked much older than they should. After using Trind Hand Repair for only 3 days my hands are amazing. This hand cream works!!!!! All the fine lines are gone and my skin is so soft and smooth. I will make sure I never run out of this cream. Thanks for such a wonderful product!!

S. Wolff

Hi,I love Trind. I can't be without it. I've used your product for several years. I'm always getting compliments on my nails. Someone said I should be a hand model. I've also told a co-worker about Trind, she was having trouble with her toe nails, she loves the product. I'm always telling someone about Trind. I've just ordered the hand lotion for the first time. I can't wait to get my products in the mail, like I said before, I can't be without it. Thank you for a wonderful product.

L. Hunt

I have never had nails I was happy with until now! I’ve had gel and acrylic nails for up to “30” years. Four months ago I read an advertisement about the Trind products. I thought it was worth a try and I can not believe the success I have had. I followed all the instructions and kept persevering with the ongoing procedure every day for more that what was suggested; only because my nails were so thin and abused. After just four months, I am thrilled to see what strong and healthy nails I have. Knowing that Trind is such a wonderful product, I will never go back to artificial nails again. It is amazing. I am also trilled not to spend an hour and a half every three weeks and $55.00 for a fill!!! Try it, you will love it!

Glenna Vanderlinden
Calgary, Alberta


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